These are taken from reference letters:

“Mr. Staudenmier has successfully completed numerous projects over the years including the delivery and installation of three bubbles…in addition Mr. Staudenmier has provided year-round maintenance to our bubbles as well as round the clock emergency support during adverse/dangerous weather situations.”

Joni Hannah / Director of Tennis Westwood Country Club Vienna, VA

“In my 10 years I have been running the tennis programs at Chartwell Golf & Country Club, Steve Staudenmier has provided the club with extremely effective maintenance and repairs. He is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of the bubble and he responds to any issues we may have in a timely manner.”

Jamie Peterson / Director of Tennis Chartwell Country Club Severna Park, MD

“I am writing on behalf of the Aspen Hill Club in reference to Staudenmier and Sales as they have provided services to us for over 20 years. Staudenmier Sales and Services is a reputable organization that can assist you with your tennis facility as well as other facility needs.”

Danielle Bouchard / General Manager, The Aspen Hill Club, Silver Spring, MD

“As in any good relationship communication is key, we have always experienced this with Staudenmier Sales & Service even on difficult projects.Their ability to handle projects of various sizes and their flexibility continues to make them a Preferred Contractor for Guest Services.”

Daniel A. Maillet / Director of Construction and Environmental Management Guest Services, Inc.

“I have been doing business with Mr. Staudenmier since 1991. Quite frankly, Mr. Staudenmier is the foremost expert in areas pertaining to air supported systems, including their construction, available lighting, operational issues and storm management.”

“I can think of no better recommendation than the fact I will continue to access Mr. Stuadenmier’s expertise based on a history of professional service and delivery of product.”

John A. Adams / Owner, Georgetown Prep Tennis, Quince Orchard Swim and Tennis